Crêpes Cúzette!

Oolala-lala if you have a crêpe pan our Cúcakes pancake kit makes a lovely and easy to work with crêpe batter.

Replace the water and applesauce called for in the recipe with goat milk (we use Big Country Raw raw fermented):

1 1/8 cup goat milk

2 eggs

1TBSP coconut or sunflower oil

Cúcakes oat & sweet potato flour mix

Whisk together the goat milk, eggs and oil and add the flour mix. Continue to whisk until the batter is smooth. Let the batter rest for 30 mins.

Heat a crêpe pan on medium (you may need to lower the temperature to medium-low as you cook) and brush the pan lightly with coconut or sunflower oil. Pour 3 TBSP of batter in the pan and swirl, flipping with a spatula when golden. Thin the batter a bit more with milk if necessary as it sits. Makes 10 crêpes.

Thin the peanut powder mix with water to desired consistency to dollop, spread or drizzle in/on the crêpes and garnish with the dried blueberries. Voila, fancy feast!