Ruby Cúkies

Glistening jammy cookies for your holiday hound!

A little modification to the Cúkie kit recipe makes a softer texture cookie that will pop out of a more intricate mold.

Replace the water in the recipe with 2 egg whites. The recipe calls for either applesauce or yogurt (can also use kefir).

Spoon the dragonfruit in the molds:

Beat 2 egg whites until frothy and mix to the peanut powder + kefir/yogurt or applesauce mixture with a spoon or spatula. Add flour and mix until smooth. Use the included extra packet of oat flour to press evenly and into edges with fingers. Bake for approx 25 mins at 300 degrees until golden around the edges, checking from about 22 mins.

For an extra treat serve with frothed goat milk!