Holiday Hound Cake

Dogs keep an eye on your Humans around this tempting cake!

Adapt the Cúbakes recipe to make a rich carob cake with Greek yogurt icing.

Add the carob icing package into the batter, and increase the water to 2/3 cups.

Bake in a small loaf or cake pan, or in a cupcake pan (will make about 7-8). If making as a loaf, increase baking time to approx 30 mins.

For the icing, you can either use straight Greek yogurt, or thicken it as shown here. Whisk together any amount of plain greek yogurt and arrowroot powder (like Bob’s Red Mill) at a ratio of 1 TBSP : 1 tsp. For this loaf we used 6 TBSP greek yogurt + 6 tsp arrowroot powder. This makes a very stable icing that’s super easy to spread!