Frozen Treats

Pumpkin, red dragonfruit and banana Cúbies ice pop mix is a fantastic base for many thirst quenching treats. With no sugar or sweeteners added, it’s straight up naturally sweet and tangy goodness!

Probiotic raw fermented goat milk by Big Country Raw is more digestible than regular goat milk, and dogs go bananas for this combo!
See our ice cream recipe for this luscious treat!
These silicone ice pop tubes from Ikea are so practical and fun!
These mini paw prints are perfect for wee hounds, and one-bite refreshment!

Cúbies mix blended with bone broth and/or fermented goat milk & some ice is a nutrient-rich and hydrating powerhouse!
Make sure to use pure peanut butter with no additives, especially no Xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs.