Easter Treats

Dogs are in on the early spring festivities with some twists on our cake, pancake and ice pop Cú kits!

Make some cúte Easter toppers with the dried strawberries included in our Cúbakes cake baking kit! Finely chop the strawberries and combine with coconut oil in a pan over low heat until the oil melts. Spoon into small molds and refrigerate until hardened while you bake the cakes, then decorate with the included carob icing and white dragonfruit & banana pieces!

Spoil your hound this Easter with Cúcakes pancakes with a side of blueberry-dyed quail eggs!

Make the blueberry juice by simmering equal parts fresh blueberries and water for 10 mins in a covered pan. @bigcountryraw quail eggs come frozen, so soak them right out of the freezer in the juice for a few hours or overnight (in the fridge until thawed). If you don’t plan to serve the eggs raw, you could also hard boil them.

To get the light purple egg colour, rub a dark purple egg gently between your fingers to remove the delicate outer layer!

Bite size Cúbies are a refreshing early spring treat! Nice when paired with some frozen @bigcountryraw fermented goat milk!