step-by-step Cúbakes

Baking your hound some luscious cakes couldn’t be easier! Here are the steps…

Preheat oven to 300 degrees

Add to bowl: 2 eggs; applesauce, yogurt or banana; olive, sunflower or coconut oil and water

Add pumpkin & peanut powders and whisk

Add oat flour and stir with spatula or spoon until well combined

Fill cupcake pan or silicone mold or small cake pan. You can fill right to the top

When cakes have baked and cooled, make the icing

Spread outwards from the center and decorate while the icing is still sticky. It will harden a bit as it dries for low-mess eating

Time to surprise the hound! Leftovers freeze really well and work great for treat toy stuffing. Cut in pieces the size of your toy before freezing.