Cúbakes Donuts

If you happen to have a donut pan our Cúbakes cake baking kit makes delightful donuts!

Included: pumpkin-peanut cake mix, carob-goat milk icing mix, dried strawberries, white dragonfruit & banana toppings

Add: 2 eggs; applesauce, yogurt or mashed banana; sunflower, coconut or olive oil (these are the safe oils for dogs)

Make the recipe as usual and add a bit more water to get the icing mix to dipping consistency. Decorate right away while the icing is gooey but then it will harden for low-mess eating! The batter and icing mix will make more than a 6-donut pan (about 2 cupcakes extra)

Order your Cúbakes kit online at Big Country Raw for delivery or Canada-wide mail order, or check your local store that sells Big Country Raw products