Cú Kits Five

Relax hounds, your hoomans won’t like your cake! Cúbakes are totally human-grade but contain almost nothing that makes a cake taste good to humans! No sugar, honey, molasses, salt, baking soda or baking powder. To dogs these cakes are a heavenly flavor explosion….earthy and nutty moist cake, luscious icing, naturally sweet and tangy toppings!

Hounds watch your humans around these pancakes, there should be twelve! Cúcakes smell amazing while cooking and when topped with the low-fat peanut drizzle and dried blueberries the combo drives dogs wild! Leftovers are fantastic for chew toy stuffing – slice pieces the size of your toy openings before freezing.

Magenta flecked Cúkies for your Cutie! Dogs love the tarty sweetness of red dragonfruit in this oat & peanut cookie. Add either applesauce or yogurt to get a smooth dough that rolls easy & stays together for cutting the heart shapes. No rolling pin, no prob! Just use a jar or bottle.

Can we share a secret? During testing we were surprised dogs loved these muffins! Must be some synergy between sweet potato, apple, peanut & oats that gets hounds smackin’ bout Snacúms!

Cúbies are more a hot weather treat, but can defeat dryness any time of the year!

Order your Cú Bakery kits online at Big Country Raw for delivery or mail order, or check your local store that sells Big Country Raw products.