Cookie Cutter Cúcakes

Large cookie cutters are great for making special pancakes!

Spread some coconut, sunflower or olive oil on the inside of the cutter and place the “lip” side (the side with bit of an edge) down on a lightly oiled frying pan. Spoon batter into the mold and spread with a butter or palette knife until fairly even (the batter can be thinned a bit with water but it shouldn’t be pourable just spreadable.) If your cookie cutter isn’t laying flat enough you can put a weight on top, like a small pot. Cook on medium-low heat until golden and then flip the whole thing (cutter and pancake) over. Using tongs, ease the cutter off and put to the side. Probably smart to keep the tongs with the cutter so you don’t burn your fingers on it for the next batch! The cutter should stay greased enough to do the whole batch, but re-apply if it starts sticking.

Garnish with the peanut sauce & dried blueberries! Yum!