Carob for my Cherub

Earthy, fragrant & super shiny, carob is a dream come true alternative to chocolate for treating your Valentine!

We only use pure unsweetened carob powder and our icing contains pure goat milk powder to get a gorgeous shiny and easy-spread consistency.

Carob powder contains protein, fiber as well as key nutrients like calcium, potassium and iron.

For those who haven’t tasted carob we highly recommend you taste this icing! You’ll get the richness and hint of natural sweetness, but we think it’s also the earthiness that dogs love. In a way it kind of tastes like soil and what dog minds a bit of dirt!

No stretch to say these mini cakes are a flavor explosion for dogs: pumpkin, peanut, oats, carob, goat milk, banana, strawberry and dragonfruit. The cakes hold together really well for low-mess eating, and also for slicing and freezing for treats & toy stuffing!